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German Shepherd Ears

Because a German shepherds ears are erect air can circulate within the ear and your dogs ear canals will stay dryer than some other breeds. Symptoms of German Shepherd Ear Problems Your German Shepherd shows signs of an uncomfortable infection by scratching or rubbing their ears and shaking their head.

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When you first bring your German Shepherd puppy home its ears will probably be floppy and droopy at times those ears may try to make a stand only to fall back down again.

German shepherd ears. As German Shepherds were bred to guard herd and property they need to hear well in order to be watchful. Occasional shedding and general dog grooming routines will just do it for your furry canine. This is the same reason all German Shepherd puppies are born with their ears down and floppy.

According to the AKC a good breed German Shepherds are expected to have moderately pointed ears that are carried erect when at attention. However German shepherds still get ear infections for other reasons including exposure to environmental elements ear mites and yeast imbalances. German Shepherd ears that are red inside give off a dark waxy discharge or smell bad are warning signs you should take note of.

Its part of what gives them their regal looks and is a symbol of the alertness they are famous for. One of the most distinctive features of the German Shepherd Dog is their signature pointy ears. So it all depends on the age of your dog what the chances are the ears will come up.

Then fall to the side cross over and then fall back down before ever standing correctly. The reason a German Shepherds ears stand up erect is because of the rim of cartilage that gives structure and shape to each ear. After all they have relatively big ears.

Of course the German Shepherd isnt born with upright ears. Dont be alarmed as this can just be a normal variation of the breed. The question Are German Shepherds prone to ear infections redirects here.

The ears should also be pointed and with the auricle facing forward source. Since GSDs have upright erect ears ear problems are not that common in them as in breeds with floppy ears. Others may go up.

German shepherds do not require high levels of grooming standards. When theyre born their ears are floppy and over time as they grow their ears develop. There are some German Shepherds who naturally have floppy ears and may never stand up.

Although the standard calls for erect ears its not uncommon for adult German Shepherds to have dropped or floppy ears. If your dog begins to tilt his head and walk sideways they may be developing a middle ear infection. When German Shepherds are a puppy they tend to have floppy ears until they get to be about 7 to 9 months.

The cartilage has not started to form and harden in the ears yet that wont happen until later on in life. Unfortunately not all German Shepherd dogs have this genetic trait. As you probably know all German shepherds are born with floppy ears.

German shepherds are born with floppy ears. Healthy GSD ears should not smell bad. One of the adorable aspects of German Shepherds are of course their ears.

Some German shepherd ears come up at 4 weeks and never go back down. Your German Shepherds ears will stand up between 16-20 weeks of age. Not only are their ears adorably cute but also highly expressive.

Teething can also have a big impact on how long it will take your pups ears to stand up. Its just like the cartilage that humans have in our outer ears. During the first year of a German shepherds life their ears will go up and down.

According to the breeds standard German Shepherds should have erect ears of medium size which are carried upright and aligned. This is because their ears contain cartilage thats intended to support their ears and help them maintain their characteristic pointy shape. Until this moment the cartilage in the ear likely wont be strong enough to support a fully erect ear.

Some german shepherd puppies have the ears straight up very young and then they go down again when they are teething but will come up again after that. Common German Shepherd Ear Problems. Since puppies are yet to develop strong ear cartilage floppy ears are often seen in the first year of a German shepherd.

Everything will be explained in full detail with additional tips and FAQs below. A few have floppy ears. A dogs ears are made of cartilage and that cartilage must.

Puppies have not yet developed their cartilage and so their ears are still not matured enough to hold up their ears weight. In general yes naturally German Shepherd ears should stand up eventually. And the answer is typically no because of how normal GSD ears are constructed.

German shepherd Puppys ears standing erect at 12 weeks.

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