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Blue Nose Boston Terrier Puppies

This is common for newborn young puppies. 13 15 years energy level.

Lilac Boston Terrier Boston Terrier Dog Cat Terrier

They are lively animals with a lot of energy but they are also extremely friendly and smart.

Blue nose boston terrier puppies. Blue boston terriers have three weight classes. Red blue and pale noses found on red and dilute colors have never been accepted by the boston terrier standard. Bostons are one of the hardest breeds to breed for the show ring.

When choosing a boston terrier breeder make sure the parents are correct in structure. Blue boston terrier puppies. Noses have always been wide and.

Tails docked paper trained and weaned onto puppy kibble. The blues that seem to stay the lightest are the blue boston terriers with the heaviest brindling brindle coat instead of black. Sleek short and fine shedding.

The blue nose pitbull is a type of american pit bull terrier and it is considered more genetically variable than the american staffordshire terrier. If you own a boston terrier there are some important things to remember when it comes to your furry friend. This is due to a mutation in the chromosome pool of the blue boston terrier.

Boston terriers are unique dogs. The boston terrier originated in boston massachusetts in the mid 1800s when some wealthy boston residents decided to cross some of their finest dogs the boston terrier was formed via a cross between a bulldog and a. Bostons are compact well proportioned good looking little dogs.

For this reason many people consider the ast to be the more consistent show dog version of the pitbull and this is why the american kennel club recognizes the ast. What makes a blue boston terrier blue. Blue nose boston terrier.

15 17 inches tall 11 25 lbs lifespan. The nose is white pink when they are born. Enter your email address to receive alerts when we have new listings available for boston terrier puppies for sale in.

Under 15 pounds 7 kilograms 15 to under 20 pounds seven to 9 kilograms and 20 to 25 pounds 9 to 11 kilograms. Red nose pale or dudly nose blue nose butterfly nose. Take your time to look closely at the pictures of our puppies here at blue water boston terrier.

Unless your cousin is looking to buy a show prospect i wouldn t worry about it and even then there. We will be providing you with a lot to read but doing so will inform and help you in your selection of our blue water boston terrier puppy. They can have white markings in nose paw pads and eye rims.

These types of dogs are also really smart and easy to train making them great pets for families. Males are often about 17 inches tall and females about 16 inches tall. The blue in a blue boston terrier is a dilute of the black that is in a traditional boston.

Our dogs share our home with us and puppies are handled and played with daily. Blue boston terrier overview. So instead of being a black coat a blue boston comes out with a grey silver or blue coat.

Butterfly nose pink patches with darker pigment is also a fault however is not limited to dq colors. Blue pups have a blue and white coat which is light to medium blue and darken with age becoming a hue of a medium to dark steel blue. Acceptable noses are all black only.

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