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German Shepherd Age Weight Chart

Midrange 595 pounds. German shepherds grow the most when they are 2 to 2 ½ years old.

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German Shepherd Weight Theres no weight standard listed for the breed.

German shepherd age weight chart. Male German Shepherd weights should fall within or be close to the following weight chart depending on age. Want to know how big your German Shepherd puppy will be. However you can expect your male GSD to weight about 80 lbs by 18 months of age and 84 lbs by 36 months of age.

Simply fill in the fields below and click Calculate. Heres a sample of the results you will get. The average weight of a male German shepherd should be between 30 kg 40 kg while that of a female should be 22 kg 32 kg.

Its also important to understand that males and females typically have different weights. Fortunately as well as age size and weight are a great indicator to let you know whether a german shepherd has stopped growing or not. 48-71 pounds 21-32 Kg Average size of an adult female GS.

If your german shepherd is between 22-26 tall and they should weigh between 50-90lbs then theyve probably reached their full size. Last Updated on August 9th 2020 German Shepherds weigh anywhere between 66 to 88 pounds for males and between 49 to 71 pounds for females. WEIGHT AND HEIGHT OF GERMAN SHEPHERD.

Most people do not consider them as an adult until the female is 2 or more and the male is 2½ to 3 years of age. Height at the wither 55 cm to 60 cm 2165 inches - 2362 inches Weight 22 kg - 32 kg 485 pounds - 7055 pounds. Therefore they age slowly too.

German Shepherds usually reach physical maturity in 18-24months. Small-sized breeds grow slowly. What is the average weight of a German shepherd.

Three months 22 30 lbs. Weight German shepherd Female at 3 months of age the weight should be between 8 kg and 12 kg 18 lbs. German Shepherd Dog Height Weight Standards Males.

Growth chart weight ranges also vary which is another factor to consider but the following weight variations are considered healthy. To get a more explicit description a 10-year-old small-sized dog is equivalent to 56 human years while a 10-year-old large-sized dog is equivalent to 66 human years. Below average size has been given for both male and female GS.

Check the puppy growth chart for a description of the different puppy development stages and puppy growth rates. German Shepherd Dogs large dogs and their weight is justified by their height which at the shoulder is about 24 to 26 inches for males and 22 to 24 inches for females. They live from 9-13 years a.

A German Shepherd continues to mature until the age of 36 months. Growth current weight current age in weeks. A different formula you could use is.

Height at the wither 60 cm to 65 cm 2362 inches - 2559 inches Weight 30 kg to 40 kg. 66-68 pounds 29-30 Kg Average size of an adult male GS Female. However this German shepherd size chart will skip some months to show you how a full-grown German shepherd should weigh normally.

This is a chart that shows the average weight of a German shepherd with 1-month intervals. Other Transitional Period Physical And Behavioral Developments. On the other hand large-sized breeds tend to grow faster making them age more quickly.

German Shepherd S Weight And Height The Plete Charts German Shepherd Age Chart Page 1 Line 17qq German Shepherd Growth Weight Chart Everything You. This is followed by a steady weight gain of 5-10. Check out our interactive growth chart.

Here the weight of a German Shepherd dog male is shown in a table. Midrange 77 pounds Females. Six months 49 57 lbs.

German shepherd is a medium to large sized dog breed. For female GSDs the average weight at 18 months of age is about 62 lbs. One month 55 9 lbs.

By 16 months your dog should have reached close to his full height. Females at the same age will weigh 45-8 lbs 2-35 kg and be 3-6 8-14 cm in height. German Shepherds usually get to half their full weight between 45 and 6 months and their adult weight between 125-16 months.

If you have no intention of breeding your German Shepherd it is during this phase that you will want to. Download this new puppy checklist detailing how to set up a vaccination schedule wellness plan microchips and more. A German Shepherd puppy between the ages of 6 months and 16 months will reach sexual maturity.

At 6 months of age the weight should be between 15 kg and 22 kg 33 lbs. And moderate to 70 times the ultimate weight of puppy birth. German Shepherds are also known as Alsatians and GSDs.

6614 pounds - 8818 pounds. At the age of 1 month male German Shepherds will weigh 55-9 lbs 25-4 kg and be 4-6 11-16 cm in height. You can calculate their potential adult weight at 23 weeks by taking what they weigh at that age and multiplying it by two.

A male German Shepherd at six months will weigh 53 pounds on average whereas a female at the same age will weigh about 46 pounds.

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