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German Shepherd Puppy Limping Front Leg

If there is a sudden onset of these symptoms the wrist issue may have been caused by a traumatic event such as a fall or getting hit by a car or from your dog running and playing with a furry friend too. So thats why im.

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She started limping on her left hind leg about a month ago - she would limp after getting up from layingsitting and gradually put her weight back on it.

German shepherd puppy limping front leg. It may start as the back legs appearing wobbly and weak the paw may drag in a knuckled position. Puppy Chat. Also there can also be acute pain when the affected bones are squeezed firmly.

Have him examined by your vet to rule out infection or trauma Growing bones if damaged can result in lifelong effects. We take him swimming 4 times a week and a walk for an hour per day. If your dog has pulled a muscle you may notice him limping or walking on 3 legs.

He may hold his leg up when he is standing still or sitting. Puppy elbow dysplasia symptoms. My German Sheperd pup was doing the same thing and after a couple of days of limping we took him to the vet and they told us that w german shepherds they are such a large breed that their bodies are growing but there bones cant keep up so they get growing pains it has a special name but I lost the paper The vet gave us some little chewable puppy pain pills and it wentnbsp.

Hello My dog is a GS mix - she is just over 1 yr old and weighs approx. Hes really big already and for the past two months he starts limping really badly on one leg. The injury may present as a sudden occurrence or slowly develop over time.

Heading the list are muscular sprains and strains so theres no need to panic if your puppy limps. Dog Limping on a Front Leg or Paw. You may also hear him whine or cry and may go off his food if it is very sore.

Dog hip dysplasia surgery for severe cases in medium to large dogs can be expensive. Because it is so very common in German Shepherds particularly males you should become familiar with the symptoms. Dont think hip dysplasia think Panosteitis or growing pains.

Elbow dysplasia causes pain and discomfort in the joint and the dog will eventually become lame as a result. Many common causes of dog limping can affect any leg but others are seen only in the front or back legs. Confirm current rabies vaccination for the aggressor as well.

Problems that affect only the front legs include. First allow some rest and if the problem persists get your puppy checked by the vet. Osteochondritis dissecans OCD of the shoulder joint joint disease where cartilage does not develop into bone.

Trauma is another biggie and as young bones are soft this can mean fractures. Symptoms may include stiffness that gets worse with exercise limping an odd gait a turned out foot or swelling around the joint. This would need to be discussed and checked with your Veterinarian.

I checked for inflammation etc. Thanks Glenn and his dog Cody. Just a pretty bad limp for the past 2 days.

The dog may show a reluctance to walk or exercise. If Kona has some Great Dane in her and has long legs I would be suspecting something like panosteitis given the possible mix breed and her age. The severity also ranges from mild to extreme painsome German shepherds even have to use a wheelchair.

Suddenly he is limping off his right hind leg. Thats exactly what happened. Symptoms include a bunny hop gait limping lameness in the hind legs and decreased range of motion among others.

I have a 3 year old male German Shepherd who is very active. Answer 1 of 7. My German Shepard is limping on his left front leg there seems to be no apparent bone or paw pad problem.

Clinical examination to determine the site of the limp back or front legs and possibly radiographs are required usually to diagnose properly. This morning it looks as though it has worsened. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

My German Shepherd 9 months started limping out of no where today. One or both front legs may be affected. Hi my German shepherd 4 months old has been limping for three days after he was bit by big dog in his front leg.

German Shepherds affected are with Pano are often very depressed and can go off their food. You may observe your pet limping or appearing unable to bear weight on the front leg. That would require to be checked by your veterinarian.

There are many reasons a young dog may limp. Panosteitis is generally self limiting in dogs and resolves itself by two years of age. In either case your dog is experiencing discomfort and must be seen by a veterinarian.

If your dog is limping on her front paw showing weakness on her foreleg or you notice swelling of the ankle it may be a front leg injury. But he is running fine. We have 2 beautiful german shepherd puppies brother sister who are 9-months old now soooo cute.

Sudden acute pain causes lameness which can shift from one leg to another. It went from his left front leg to his right front leg. There are no cutsswellingetc.

Is your dog a large breed dog 18 months or younger with sudden onset very painful limping. Limping 9-month German Shepherd Limping 9-month German Shepherd. This has been going on for about a week and is not getting any better or worse.

First it was on the front then a week later that went away and he started limping on the back I got these vitamins becuase I thought maybe it was a puppy. He has full mobility and can run if he wants to but limps when he walks. I dont know what it could be.

By CoupeDash August 2 2009 in Puppy Chat. He has been perfectly healthy. Leaving the injury undiagnosed or untreated is not recommended.

One condition which seems unique to the breed is CDRM Chronic degenerative radiculomyelopathy which presents as a progressive paralysis of the hind limbs. Frequently it is both. This condition is sometimes even misdiagnosed as vets.

Again check in with your Veterinarian.

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