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German Shepherd Price Range In India

German Shepherd Price. Check out these cute German Shepherd puppies listed below-.

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So it costs about 30 a month to feed a full grown German Shepherd.

German shepherd price range in india. We want our readers to note. German Shepherd puppy price in Bhubaneswar German Shepherd puppy for sale in BhubaneswarAlaskan malamute puppy price in Bhubaneswar Alaskan malamute puppy for sale in Bhubaneswar We Offer Extraordinary Quality Pups for sale at Reasonable Price male female in India Delhi dwarka gurgaon Offer for Best Breeds of pup in best in. A price of a German Shepherd may vary from place to place.

The average cost of a blue german shepherd breed ranges from 1200 to over. However the price may vary according to quality location and breeder. German Shepherd is perhaps the most widely recognized and loved dog breeds in the world.

In this range puppies are priced anywhere from 5000- rs to 15000- rs. We Three Coat of Shepherd Dogs Double coat Medium coat Single and Colors. German Shepherd Dogs for Sale Price of German Shepherd Puppies DogSpotin.

Take care of the health appearance and quality of the dog breed before buying the puppy. German Shepherd 5000 - 20000 Labrador Retriever 4000 - 12000 Following table displays the price for different dog breeds available in the country. A Golden Retriever Price In India would range somewhere somewhere between 15000-20000 but in some cases it might cost more.

If you need a show-quality pup with both parents of champion bloodline then the price can even go up to Rs. When looking to buy a purebred German Shepherd puppy from a responsible GSD breeder the price ranges from 500 to 2000 or more. German Shepherd Dog Price.

Viewing 0 - 10 out of 12 Puppies. How Much Does A Blue German Shepherd Cost. Asia Pets is the Indias Big Breeding Market for German shepherd in.

Czech German Shepherd Price Czech German Shepherds tend to have wolfish features. According to the sources the German Shepherd puppy costs around Rs18000 to Rs. The price can be higher if.

We are German shepherd Dog Breeder in Delhi. The breeding process is aimed to. That 50 lb bag will cost about 50 on average.

German Shepherd cost around Rs. German Shepherd in India is a quite expensive breed and may cost you above 25000 and may even go up to 80000 depending on certain factors. Always see the health certificate of their parents to minimize chances of any genetic disorder.

For instance a price of a German Shepherd in Delhi may differ from the price in Bangalore. You should always buy German shepherd from the certified pet breeders and not from pet shops or puppy mills. 100 rows Exceptions to our list of puppy price in India.

Along with this the cost of properly maintaining this canine in this country is also not extremely high. Germans shepherd puppy for sale available reasonable price in Delhi. By the lower spectrum I mean lower-priced puppies.

The price for a pedigree ranges between 10 to 25K for GSDs bred in India where both male and female are pedigrees certified by the likes of KCI especially. They are one of the best guard dogs that are so good at it that almost all of the police dogs in the USA are German Shepherds. In Himachal Pradesh the Price of German Shepherd ranges between Rs18 000 to Rs35 000.

Check out some pictures of. 6 years 8 months and 16 days old Puppies. A West German Show Line puppy may cost 5000 to 8000.

Black and Ten Black White. Blue German Sheperds are a sub-breed of GSDs. For double coat German Shepherd dog the Price may go up to Rs65 000.

West German Working Line. The West German Working Line is primarily bred to be working dogs especially in law enforcement and military functions. They have blueblack hair and blue eyes.

The German Shepherd price in India starts at around 14000. The German shepherd may cost you around 15000rs to 25000rs in India. These dogs can easily be purchased form pet breeders in DelhiNCR and their price range is from INR 10000 to INR 70000.

Thats about 1 a day. German Shepherd Price in India In Himachal Pradesh. Now you may find good puppies.

If you buy a show quality German shepherd it will cost you around 40000Rs. 6 years 2 months and 10 days old Puppies. Monthly maintenance cost of German Shepherds can be anywhere around 3000 to 5000.

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