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Pomeranian Boston Terrier Mix Puppies

It will have a life expectancy of 10 to 13 years. Pomeranian boston terrier mix is a very stubborn intelligent adorable and active dog with unique physical as well behavioral traits that they inherit from both parents boston terrier and pomeranian.

Pomston Boston Terrier X Pomeranian Mix Mixed Breed Puppies Pomeranian Mix Terrier Mix Breeds

Ella the pomston boston terrier pomeranian mix breed dog at 1 year old she is a 14 pound very active little pooch.

Pomeranian boston terrier mix puppies. One of the most unusual crosses the pomerat is a designer dog that combines the rat terrier with the pomeranian. French bulldog boston terrier mix frenchton the frenchton has one bulldog parent and one boston terrier parent. Pomston loves to socialize and can be very outgoing friendly.

She has the tail and face of a pom and the disposition under bite eyes and legs of a boston. The crossbreed gives you a lively joyful and affectionate small dog that tend to do well in families with older children. Characteristics facts of boston terrier pomeranian mix.

You can expect the toughness from the terrier side but a much gentler and sweetness from the pom. This dog will have a short smooth coat that sheds lightly all year. She keeps us active all the time and makes us laugh continuously.

As a pup he will come in shades of black white black with tan or brown and white. Pomston is a pomeranian mix with a boston terrier. The little chap is active playful and has a big heart for everyone.

Your frenchton may weigh 12 to 28 pounds.

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