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Boston Terrier Pomeranian Mix Pomston Puppies

Expect minimal shed from a pomston s coat. Dixie the pomston boston terrier pomeranian mix breed dog with a ball in her mouth.

Boston Terrier And Pomeranian Mix Pretty Cute Combo Cute Animals Dog Friends Mixed Breed

The pomston is a cross between the boston terrier and the pomeranian.

Boston terrier pomeranian mix pomston puppies. Pomston pictures along with bios on the dogs. Originating in the united states the boston terrier nicknamed american gentleman was bred to be a fighting dog in the late 1800s in boston massachusetts. A pomston is the hybrid cross of a pomeranian and a boston terrier.

You will likely find the pomston has a combination of the characteristics found in both the boston terrier and the. They were much bigger originally weighing up to 44 pounds. Although it is possible to get a short haired pomston they re rarer.

Pomeranian boston terrier mix is a very stubborn intelligent adorable and active dog with unique physical as well behavioral traits that they inherit from both parents boston terrier and pomeranian. She keeps us active all the time and makes us laugh continuously. Expect your pup to be little the weight range is 3 to 25 pounds.

The pomston has one pomeranian parent and one boston terrier parent. They get on extraordinarily well with youngsters and alternative pets however like all tiny dogs care has to be soft on smaller youngsters united boston terrier mixed with pomeranian. Characteristics facts of boston terrier pomeranian mix.

The small dog stands seven inches tall at the shoulder and weighs between seven and 15 pounds. This dog may live 11 to 16 years. It is not always possible to determine the characteristics temperament or traits of a mixed breed.

They re active puckish very small dogs united nations agency create cool family pets. Ella the pomston boston terrier pomeranian mix breed dog at 1 year old she is a 14 pound very active little pooch. Pomston loves to socialize and can be very outgoing friendly.

Boston terrier mixed with pomeranian pomston the pomston is the blend of a purebred terrier and a purebred pomeranian. Pomeranian and boston terrier mix pomeranians are the big puff balls of the dog world and mixing them with the boston terrier won t make them any smaller coat wise. Boston terrier pomeranian mix.

She has the tail and face of a pom and the disposition under bite eyes and legs of a boston. The silky coat s length ranges from short to medium and the color may be brindle merle or black and white. The pomston is a hybrid dog also known as a designer dog.

Pictures care cost more september 29 2020 by abigail smith most of the people haven t even heard of a pomston boston terrier pomeranian mix if you too here is what you need to know about pomston. The pomston is a combination of a boston terrier and a pomeranian.

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